Our memories still linger with our fallen loved ones who have gone on before us.
They set an example and left a high margin for us to follow.

We have an excellent pattern now. We walk by faith, trust in The Lord Jesus Christ, to become strong

God -fearing Holy Ghost filled women of The True Church of God in Christ.

Mother Mozelle Jeffries
Our General Mother

Mother Claudette Boyd
Our Assistant General Mother

Late Mother Mollie Lucas
First State Mother &
Founder of Sister Convention

Late Mother Girlie Dean
Second State Mother

Late Mother Annie Bell Lucas
Founder of Lucas Temple Sisters Day

Late Mother Emma Lawson
Wife of the Late Bishop B. J. Lawson

Mother Lilly Stafford

General Secretary of
Sisters of Unity Convention

Mother Louise Robinson
Wife of the Late Elder Emmitt Robinson Sr.

Mother Arlene Jones
Augusta Head Mother

Mother Louise Holmes
Burke County Head Mother
Augusta/Burke County/ Savannah

Sisters of Unity President


Mother Rosa Auls
Chattanooga Head Mother

Mother Bessie Boyd
Deliverance Temple Head Mother


Mother Christine Brown
Henderson Temple Head Mother


Mother Myra Haynes
Lucas Temple Head Mother


Mother Odessa English
McDonough Head Mother


Mother Cassandra Camp
St. James Head Mother

Mother Sadie Maddox
St. Paul Head Mother

Mother Barbara Jones

Savannah Head Mother