Chattanooga Pastor’s Anniversary

September 18, 2016

Chattanooga Pastor’s Anniversary (News, Past Events, Up Coming Events)


September 18, 2016 - September 18, 2016

11:30am –

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Chattanooga True Church

     2103 East 25th Street Place

Chattanooga, TN 37407

 September 16th – 18th

    Friday @ 8PM,

    Saturday @6PM,



Friday: 8:00 pm
Praise & Worship: Bro. of Lucas Temple
Master of Ceremony & Welcome: Bro Lavarious Havis
Song: Bro Freeman Price
Remarks: Elder G Battle
Choir: Lucas Temple
Word of God: Bishop O Jeffries


Saturday 1:00 pm
Praise & worship: Bro. of Augusta/Girard
Mistress of Ceremony & Welcome: Sis Donna Green
Song: Mother A Commons
Remarks: Deacon James Holmes
Choir: Augusta/Girard
Word of God: Elder Emmitt Robinson


Sunday: 11:30 am
Praise & worship: Bro. of Henderson Temple
Master of Ceremony & Welcome: Minster Terry Jeffries
Song: Mother A. Adams
Remarks: Minister Mark Taylor
Choir: Henderson Temple
Word of God: Elder W Mann


Churches scheduled to report:

   St. Paul TCOGIC- Friday 9/16/2016  
Savannah TCOGIC- Saturday 9/17/2016  
Words of Life & St James TCOGIC- Sunday 9/18/2016