St. James’ Pastor Anniversary

February 25, 2017

St. James’ Pastor Anniversary (Church, Events, Up Coming Events)

Cynthia Sims

February 25, 2017 - February 25, 2017

6:00pm – 8:00pm

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Friday (Feb.24th) 8pm
Devotion: Augusta & Girard
MC/Welcome: Minister Dratin Caitlin
Song: Deanna Jeffries
Remarks: Minister Phillip Jackson
Music: Augusta & Girard Choirs
Word of God: Elder Emmitt Robinson Jr.
Prayer: Minister Grover Jones
Saturday (Feb.25th) 6pm
Devotion: Lucas Temple
MC/Welcome: Deacon Kelvin Camp
Song: Soulful Souls
Remarks: Elder Gary Battle
Music: Lucas Temple Choir
Word of God: Bishop Oprie Jeffries
Prayer: Minister Shedrick Pullin
Sunday (Feb.26th) 11:30am
Devotion: Sis. Asisa Miller & Sis. Karina Boyd
MC/Welcome: Minister Dwight Camp
Song: Legacy
Remarks: Bro. Dennis Jeffries Jr
Music: St. James Choir
Word of God: Elder Vista Jeffries
Prayer: Minister Terry Jeffries Jr.
Final Remarks/ Dismissal: Sister Patricia Jeffries & Elder Dennis Jeffries Sr.

For those congregations that are only scheduled to send report for this event, we look forward to having you join our Church Anniversary scheduled in June.
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