St. James 11th Pastor Anniversary

February 23, 2018

St. James 11th Pastor Anniversary (Calendar View, Church, Events, News, Up Coming Events)

Cynthia Sims

February 23, 2018 - February 23, 2018

8:00pm –

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Friday February 23rd @ 8:00pm
MC: ——Minister D. Castlin
Devotional Period: ——–Deacons and Brothers of Words of Life & Augusta/Girard
Words of Welcome: —–Mother Denise Miller
Song: ——————-Min. Irvin Boyd Sr.
Inspirational Remarks: ———-Elder Thomas Davis
Selections ————- Augusta & Girard Choir
Word of God: ———-Elder Stacy Boyd
Remarks: ————– Elder Emmitt Robinson Jr.
Offering& Reports
Announcements and Dismissal
Saturday February 24th @ 6:00pm
MC: ———–Minister P. Jackson
Devotional Period ——Brothers and Deacons of Abundant Grace & Lucas Temple
Words of Welcome ——–Sister Marilyn Harris
Song ————-Dec. Marvin Jones Jr.
Inspirational Remarks ——–Elder Marvin Jones Sr.
Selections ———Lucas Temple Choir
Word of God —–Bishop Oprie Jeffries
Remarks———Min. Charles Thomas
Offering & Reports
Announcements and Dismissal
Sunday February 25th @ 11:30am
MC ————–Min D. Camp
Devotional Period —–Brother Dennis Jr. / Brother Deonte’ / Sister Deanna Jeffries
Words of Welcome ——-Mother Cassandra Camp
Song —————Hope of Glory Choir
Inspirational Remarks —– Minister Terry Jeffries Jr.
Selections ————-St. James Choir
Word of God ——- Elder Vista Jeffries
Offering & Reports
Closing Remarks: —- Sister P Jeffries / Elder Dennis Jeffries Sr.