October 16, 2015

Praying with Impact


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Since praying is such a common practice for believers, over time it’s easy to fall into habits that result in a lifeless and empty prayer life. Instead of a dynamic conversation with thoughtful requests and active listening for God’s response, our prayers can seem more like grocery lists. Because communication with the Lord is such a vital part of the Christian life, we occasionally need to examine how we’re doing. Begin by asking yourself these questions:

How effective are my prayers? Is the Lord answering your petitions, or does it seem as if they never go past the ceiling?
Who am I praying for? Are most of your requests for yourself or are they for others?
What am I asking God to do? Have you looked in the Word to see what He wants, or are you praying according to your plans and desires?
When do I pray? Is it only when you need something?

If you discovered any selfishness in your answers, you’re not alone. Most of us struggle to enter God’s presence with our eyes focused on Him instead of our needs. But the only way we’ll be able to pray with impact is to fill our minds with Scripture so we can find out what the Lord wants to do.

Remember the sick, shut-in, and bereaved in your prayers.