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Victoria Jeffries – Essay

Unity is like a river. Flowing,moving, working as one unit that cannot be stopped. Unity, like a river is perfectly constructed and made so that there is an established order. The importance of unity is in the absence of chaos. When a group of people can function for a specific purpose, laboring hand in hand, so many innumerable, phenomenal things can be accomplished. The importance of unity also lies in the bond and connection that is felt between each other. Love is able to flow, like a river, back and forth never retiring in its power. When unity has been set in order, the strong strengthens the weak, the seasoned mentors the young, and together the saved saints shine a light for the world to see.

I have been blessed to grow up in the True Church. Through the years, I have witnessed the harmony between the mothers, sisters, brothers, and elders. This blazed the trail and interest for me to exemplify unity in the church. I have exhibited tranquility by tutoring children at my home church, Hope of Glory as well as performing an active role in our choir. A key to unity is communicating effectively and efficiently. By creating a platform for our choir to correspond on, it allows us to achieve our goals and success. Another way that I have demonstrated unity is by planning themes and festivities for graduation parties for members in the True Church. I love using my personal strengths in organization and creativity to serve others. I also held a leading role in hosting a surprise appreciation dinner for my pastor Elder Vista Jeffries and Minister Terry Jeffries. In this experience I contacted other churches within and outside of the True Church. I collaborated with members from Hope of Glory and made sure that everyone had certain role to play. Our pastors felt nothing but endless love, joy, and ultimate serenity. Through all of my exposure to working in complete solidarity, I was able to show how I display unity in the True Church.

Every organization no matter how big or small has the chance to grow and strive for a more perfect unity, constantly improving as time progresses. In order to obtain unity there should be more opportunities for the seasoned saints to develop a personal relationship with the young members. They have so much to share and so many meaningful stories to tell that often go untold because they haven’t been given the chance to tell them. I propose that we match a mother and a sister together and have them get to know each other, pray together, commune, and connect on a deeper level. Additionally, we could have more bonding within home churches which could include participating in service projects together and hosting game nights. Thus this would create unity and also establish a leadership presence in their community. As a whole, we could set a specific task or goal for us to reach such as church. Conclusively, once we grow knowledge of each other and our different personalities, then can we grow in unity.

“Finally be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous (1 Peter 3:8).” These are the essential values that will lead us to the strongest comradery that we can use against the wiles of our enemy. Hence, reaching this state of being of one mind equals flawless peace, beautiful vigor, and powerful immensity. In the end, we as saints know that we win but with unity and togetherness not only do we win but we exceed, illuminate, and accelerate towards perfection.